Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions, product liability and complaint handling

The manufacturer provides an extended 10-year warranty on the tightness of the ceramic cartridge for lever faucets, 5 years for the thermostatic cartridge and 5 years for the tightness of the ceramic tops for tap batteries from the date of sale, provided the product is properly installed and used in accordance with its intended purpose, ie end discharge fitting of an internal water supply or water supply system. For everything else, as well as accessories for faucets (shower heads, hoses, brackets, hangers, etc.) and separately sold spare parts, a 24-month warranty is provided under the Civil Code.
To apply the extended warranty, you must present a warranty card attached to the product, which must be confirmed by the store that sold the faucet or by the installer that installed the faucet and must include:
– shop stamp, seller’s signature, date of sale (day, month, year)

– assembly company stamp, installer signature, assembly date (day, month, year)

When selling the product, the seller is obliged to show the product and demonstrate to the buyer its visual and surface quality as well as completeness. Any additional claims for mechanical damage or incompleteness of the product will not be accepted. Upon delivery, the customer is obliged to check the correctness, quantity and surface finish of the product according to his order upon delivery. If it finds any discrepancies or other defects, it is necessary to inform the supplier in an appropriate form, but no later than within two working days of receipt of the consignment. Subsequent claims may not be recognized.
The warranty applies solely to defects caused by the manufacturer’s fault, not to defects and damages caused by improper installation, dirt from pipes and water, malfunctions and defects due to scale deposits, freezing of water in the battery, other maintenance of the battery surface than stated in the warranty card. , tampering with the battery or rough handling or negligence. Furthermore, the manufacturer is not liable for defects caused by long-term non-observance of the recommended conditions for proper functioning specified in the warranty sheets.
The defect found on the product must be claimed in the form of a complaint immediately so that it cannot be spread or damage to the surrounding property occurs.

Liability for defects in goods
Liability for defects of the product and the rights of defective performance is governed by the relevant provisions and sections resulting from Act No. 89/2012 Coll. – Civil Code and Act No. 634/1992 Coll. – Consumer Protection Act.
The manufacturer is not responsible for defects in the product due to:
improper installation resulting in malfunction or surface damage
improper use or use for any purpose other than that intended
other methods of cleaning and treating the surface than specified in the warranty sheets
impurities contained in water and piping regulations
high water hardness resulting in scale deposits inside and outside the faucet
clogging of openings in shower heads and solid showers with limescale
long-term exceedance of the hot water temperature than recommended in the technical specifications stated in the warranty cards
higher water pressure than recommended in the warranty data sheet
freezing water inside the product during the winter months

Handling of complaints

Customer can claim legitimate claims in the following ways:
in one of the contractual service centers listed in the Service Centers section of the manufacturer’s website (www.www.raf.cz).
personal application and submission of the claimed product directly to the seller, who will decide on the procedure and method of settling the claim.
at the headquarters of the manufacturer (RAF ARMATURY s.r.o., Lipenská 49, 779 00 Olomouc – Hodolany, by hand over or by transport service).
by e-mail at servis@www.raf.cz or by phone at +420 585 157 755, when the head of the service department will decide on the next procedure for handling the claim.

The product sent for complaint must be properly cleaned and packaged so that it is not damaged during transportation. For each claimed product, the reason for the claim or the defect description must be stated. For defects caused during transport due to insufficient packaging, the manufacturer is not liable and must be settled between the sender and the mail order service. The complaint, as well as the visual complaints of the chrome surface, are addressed by the manufacturer. If the customer insists on settling the claim directly at the place of installation of the product, in the event of an unjustified claim, when no defect covered by the warranty is found, he will cover the costs associated with sending the service technician.